Peace Begins With You

By Katherine Scholes.


7 thoughts on “Peace Begins With You

  1. Great article. Many times when a change needs to take place to assist in the achievement of peace, that one little change is a change in attitude.

  2. To me “Peace is” : knowing my family has the means to take care of itself without having to depend on others to exist and having the knowledge to do so since both of these things reduce stress which allows for peace.

    • Independence is a false notion that is prevalent in our society. Really, we live in an interconnected world, even when we do not realize it. Just the fact that we need others to provide us with the food we need to survive is an example. We rely on an enormous social network of food systems, economic systems, education systems, healthcare systems, government systems and more. When we open our eyes to this reality, we then begin to see how interconnected we are.

  3. True, I guess it has been that way since the beginning of time starting when God created Adam….God wanted someone to commune with, not that God was lonely, but rather he wanted to share his love with another hence the beginnings of being interconnected.

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