More-with-Less Books

More-with-Less Cookbook

This is the cookbook that changed my way of thinking and my way of life.

More-with-Less is one in a series of World Community Cookbooks that are published by Harold Press.  In it, author Doris Janzen Longacre urged for people to eat more whole grains, vegetables, and fruit, and at the same time consume less meat and sugars.  From this thought provoking cookbook, I learned how alter recipes to’ make do’ by using foods that are available to me, and I learned to make substitutions with alternative and more affordable ingredients.  To address food waste, each chapter in this book has a section titled, ‘Gathering up the Fragments’ that teaches how to use foods (like leftovers) that might otherwise get discarded.  This cookbook is also instructional in how our eating choices can affect others.  The More-with-Less cookbook is much more than just a collection of recipes.  This cookbook is a collection of recipes plus the stories of Mennonites and their experiences and work as missionaries overseas.  They share the words, wisdom and philosophy of their own heritage and that of others.  This book names the issue of consumption in the U.S., and compares our way of thinking and eating to those who live on very much less.

By reading this book, I have learned a great deal about food justice and discovered how truly blessed I am.

[Living More-with-Less Cover]

Living More with Less is the companion book that picks up where the More-with-Less cookbook left off, by addressing issues of social justice in other areas of our lives.

Living More with Less is a companion to the More-with-Less cookbook, also written by Doris Janzen Longacre and published by Harold Press.   This book might be thought of as containing ‘recipes for life’ and it advertises itself as ‘a practical guide for living in simple, sustainable, and healthy ways—ways that keep the future of the planet, and the plight of poor people, in mind’.  It contains tips  about homemaking, gardening, clothing, transportation, finances and more .  Stories, reflections, and advice of folks from around the world explore themes of doing justice, creation care, and of the benefits of learning from a world-wide community.

By reading this book, I have learned a great deal about the relatedness of consumption patterns and social justice and my eyes have been opened to a new cultural awareness.

Click here for the More-with-Less Study Guide.

Simply in Season is another Harold Press World Community Cookbook publication about simple living and eating well, written in the spirit of more-with-less ideals.  This book’s focus is on choosing locally grown, in-season, and fairly traded foods and how to prepare them.  Simply in Season explores our globalized food production and distribution systems and compares them to our recent past when food was fresh, local, and free from processing.  Simply in Season urges us to look at issues of long-distance transportation; the lives of the growers, harvesters, and processors; and the health of the animals and the environments in which our food is grown.  This cookbook addresses issues of consumption and social justice by exploring what we eat and how we eat, and how this affects not only ourselves, but also our local and global neighbors.  Simply in Season is a cookbook that also offers encouragement to find ways to address some of the most pressing social issues of our time – the issues of just food.

Extending the Table is another Harold Press World Community Cookbook publication. Extending the Table offers recipes from over 80 countries around the world, but this  is not a typical international cookbook.  It contains information about other countries and other cultures, and how folks practice hospitality all around the world.  This cookbook expands on the more-with-less concept by exploring not only issues of hunger, but how we can learn from other cultures.  It also urges us to learn what we can do to use less of the worlds food resources and thereby share resources with with others around the world.  Extending the Table is my favorite international foods cookbook.  It provides me an opportunity to learn about a world-wide community and their traditions and this has led me to understand our interconnected world in new ways.

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