Change-An Act of Faith

Many people in the world do not have their basic food needs met.

Do the actions of one person in North America matter?

Does it really matter if I cut back on my own personal consumption as long as others do not?

as long as there is exploitation in business?

as long as political policies reinforce corrupt business practices?

Changing my own actions in response to other’s needs is only part of the solution, for sure. Even if all U.S. Americans reduced what they consume, this would not adequately provide answers to world poverty and hunger.  Yet this is what I feel called to do.   It is good to remember that as a Christian, I am not called to be successful, but instead to be faithful in obedience.  A commitment to this act of mine, to ‘put my own house in order’, helps me to keep in touch with suffering people.

Click here for simple-living resources, and join me in my in my adventure.

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