Gender Justice

AFP Photo / Didier Pallages

AFP Photo/Didlier Pallages

Germany has decided to relieve parents from the necessity to decide the sex of children who have been born with biological features that do not clearly fit into neat male/female categories.  What a blessing for these infants to not to have to be rushed into difficult and painful gender reassignment surgeries in order to meet a binary labeling classification imposed by others.  These children may now grow and decide for themselves if they wish to be altered to fit biological male or female body types, or to remain as they were born.  This allows people to decide what is best for themselves.

I’ve read through many of the RT News facebook post comments of the Russian Times 17 August 2013 article, Germany to become first European state to allow ‘third gender’ birth certificates, and I see that discussing this issue is very sensitive to some folks.  Sadly, instead of generating interest and a desire to learn, I see that the majority of responses are angry responses.

I am attempting to understand what is behind the anger.

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