Profit for Charity Business Model

There is fantastic new new business model developing – the profit-for-charity.

I’ll share information about a few such organizations.

Albany Bagel Co.

I just learned about a company named Albany Bagel.  This company has the stated purpose to bring real bagels to the city of Albany, NY and to build community at the same time. All of the restaurant’s profits will be donated to charities within the city of Albany, NY.  They will be selling bagels at the Crossings Farmers’ Market in Colonie every Saturday this summer.

The Mennonite Girls can Cook cookbooks is another profit-for-charity business.

Mennonite Girls can Cook describes itself as a group of ten women who share recipes and and their faith, with a purpose, inspiring hospitality while using their resources to help needy people around the world.

These women explain that their simple recipe blog, which had the original purpose of documenting their family’s favorite recipes, has resulted in two cookbooks:

Mennonite Girls Can Cook, uses any and all funds generated through the blog or cookbook to feed the hungry by sponsoring a greenhouse project at

The Good Shepherd Shelter in Ukraine

The Mennonite Girls Can Cook Celebrations cookbook’s royalties for the first year will go to provide clean water for school children in Kenya through the

 WASH program…a project of Mennonite Central Committee.

These two cookbooks are more than just a collection of recipes, they encourage us to ‘think about HOSPITALITY versus entertaining’ so that we may discover a ‘joy in BLESSING versus impressing’.

Toms is a business that sells shoes and eyewear that is designed to help change lives with their One for One ® business philosophy.  They state that, ‘with every product you purchase, TOMS will help a person in need. One for One.®  For each item purchased, Toms either gives away a pair of shoes to a person in need or helps to restore eyesight to a person in need.  What a wonderful idea!

These business models show us new ways of thinking about how we understand and interact with one another.  These business models are designed with the wellbeing of people in mind, as opposed to a sole purpose of profit in mind.

If you are aware of any other profit-for-charity businesses, please drop me a note and include a web address if you have one.

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