The Boys Coloring Easter Eggs

The Boys Coloring Easter Eggs.

There’s no need to go buy those silly wasteful egg coloring kits.  You know, the ones with all the packaging, and little plastic and wire things that end up in our landfills.  This may seem silly, but so many of the things we purchase have a very limited useful life, and they add up to be mountains of trash.  It is easier to understand when we can see what we do.

Here is a link to some artwork by Chris Jordan, Running the Numbers – An American Self-Portrait & Running the Numbers II.  These are a very interesting projects and are an even more interesting look at ourselves!  Do be sure to click on each image in the art show, the information is fascinating !

Instead of contributing to the waste of single-use and ‘disposable’ egg-coloring kits, use use food coloring and follow this recipe:

In each cup add:

1 teaspoon of white vinegar

about 20 drops of food coloring (more or less according to the color you wish to achieve)

1/2 cup boiling water

Allow to sit for about 5 minutes or until desired color is reached.

Try mixing the pigments to achieve new colors:

15 drops blue & 5 drops red for a grape color

15 drops yellow & 5 drops red for orange

15 drops green & 5 drops blue for teal

20 drops yellow & 5 drops green for lime

You can achieve any color you wish, and get deeper brighter colors, for less money and less waste.

When we do little more-with-less projects like these, it helps us to keep our eyes open and our minds open about the things we can do ourselves.  We do not need to drive to the store and purchase ready-made kits in order to enjoy a holiday celebration.  We can celebrate with the abundance that we already own, once we can see in this way.  I enjoy learning how to be resourceful and teaching my boys that we can do many things for ourselves instead of relying on objects mass-produced for mass-consumption and mass-disposal.  Small projects like these act as a foundation in another way of thinking that is not based on consumption, or ‘keeping up with the Jones’s’, but instead is based on celebrating the abundance of what we already have and the joy of living.

Have fun !

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